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9×18 MAKAROV Ammo For Sale – 9×18 MAKAROV Ammo For Sale  Free Shipping. The 9mm Makarov cartridge is a classic in its own way. The Soviets created the 9×18 Mak cartridge for their handguns and submachine guns. Makarov has served in numerous Russian police and military forces since 1951, and his popularity has just lately begun to decline. As a simple wartime instruction, these rounds were meant to be incompatible with the 9mm Luger (9×19) cartridge. This order was implemented so that, in the event of conflict, the 9mm Makarov would be incompatible with 9mm NATO rounds, preventing NATO foes from stealing ammo and using it against the Soviet Union and its communist allies.

The 9mm Makarov round is likewise deemed inferior than the 9mm Luger round. Makarov is capable of enabling handguns to be chambered in a simple and less complicated blow back arrangement. This resulted in handguns that were simpler to design, cheaper to manufacture, and very dependable. After the demise of the Soviet Union, pistols were quite popular in the United States due to the efficiency of their manufacture. 9×18 MAKAROV Ammo For Sale – 9×18 MAKAROV Ammo For Sale  Free Shipping.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, a surplus of Russian guns was released in the United States, where civilian shooters could purchase pistols for $200 to $300 at most gun stores. The low cost of these pistols on the U.S. market contributed to their immense popularity. Due to the vast quantities of excess imports from the former Soviet Union, 9mm Makarov ammunition was both inexpensive and readily available. Today, you may purchase a variety of 9×18 Mak ammunition using the bullet types described below. Many of these rounds continue to be manufactured in the former Soviet Union and Ukraine, maintaining faithful to the cartridge’s origins.

What’s the Difference Between the 9mm Makarov and the 9mm Luger?

A lot. Even though they are both “9mm” cartridges, the Soviets intended the 9mm Marakov to be incompatible with 9×19 ammo. It could not be seized and used by NATO soldiers in the event of a shooting conflict between the Soviets and western nations. In truth, their bullet sizes (9.27mm for the Marakov and 9.01mm for the Luger) as well as their neck and base diameters vary significantly. The Marakov is noticeably shorter than the Luger, having an overall length of 25mm compared to 29.69mm for the Luger. The 9mm Luger tends to have somewhat quicker speeds and energy owing to the bigger case, however the energy is partially attributable to the heavier bullet weight. For a detailed comparison, please see our 9×18 vs. 9×19 page on our site.

Can You Fire 9mm Makarov in a .38 Handgun?

No, however that is a frequent inquiry. Because a 9mm bullet is similar in size to a.357-caliber (which includes the.38 Special and.357 Magnum), many people ask whether the 9mm Marakov can be fired through.38-caliber rifles. However, the bullet diameter of a 9mm Marakov is precisely.365 inches, and although this may not seem like much, it will have a significant impact on the bullet’s performance and usefulness. The 9mm Marakov is a unique bullet that cannot be interchanged with other rounds, particularly those from North America and Western Europe.

What Firearms Use the 9mm Makarov?

This cartridge is used mostly in pistols. In fact, it is difficult to find anything but pistols that load this round. This is because the cartridge was developed for sidearms used by Soviet-bloc military personnel. It can be fairly difficult to find firearms that take this round, as most of the weapons are of Russian origin and are not found in great numbers in the United State. This is in contrast to the 9mm Luger, which has many readily-available weapons at stores all across the country. The cartridge was meant to be used in submachine guns carried by Communist soldiers, but these were less common because of the effectiveness of the AK-47, which loaded a different cartridge.

What are the Top Uses for 9mm Makarov Ammunition?

The 9mm Makarov can be used for many different purposes, but it’s often used for target shooting; it’s also sometimes used for self defense. If the proper bullet is used, it is a steady and dependable self-defense weapon with great penetration and expansion. Choose an expanding round, such as a jacketed hollow point 9mm Mak load, for self-defense. Popular and accurate for target shooting, the cartridge remains in demand. Full metal jackets are perfect for this purpose because to their smooth cycling and less barrel fouling.

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