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Buy 8mm LEBEL Ammo Online – 8mm LEBEL Ammo For Sale. 8mm Lebel ammunition is the designation for both revolver and rifle cartridges. During the First World War, this revolver round was mostly used by French officers. In terms of power, the 8 x 27 mm cartridge is similar to a 32 ACP cartridge. When discharged with the high-quality Lebel pistol, the round was silent. Despite its lack of strength, the French Army, Navy, and National Police employed this round for a lot of years.

The 8mm Lebel is a favorite among collectors of World War I firearms and revolvers from the turn of the century. The 8mm Lebel was one of the last revolver cartridges used by the military. The 8mm Lebel is still quite popular among shooters who value high-quality weapons and well-designed ammunition. The 8mm Lebel is still manufactured to satisfy collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Due to the high price of both the rifle and the revolver round, a novice Lebel shooter should be very cautious while buying ammo for their revolver.


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