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Buy 50 AE Ammo For Sale Online – 50 A.E. ammunition In Stock. 50 A.E. ammunition is a large-caliber, high-powered handgun cartridge intended for the Desert Eagle. The 50 A.E. (Action Express) round measures 12.7 x 33mm, making it one of the biggest cartridges for automatic pistols. The round is capable of creating a bullet that is both exceptionally heavy and quick. The 300 grain round may achieve up to 1,500 FPS from a regular 6-inch barrel.

The 50 A.E. is a superb hunting round that is capable of bringing down the majority of big game in the United States. The 50 A.E. bullet is very strong, and its strength results in a very sharp and substantial recoil. The 50 A.E. round is an incredible cartridge that virtually optimizes a pistol’s capabilities. Below is our inventory of 50 A.E. ammunition for sale:

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