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45 Long Colt ammo For Sale – Buy 45 Long Colt ammunition Online. 45 Long Colt ammunition is the cartridge that subdued the frontier. The bullet was put into some of history’s and the west’s most renowned firearms. The 45 Colt or 45 Long Colt was used in the renowned Single Action Army revolver and the renowned Winchester Lever Action rifle. The 45 Colt is a powerful round that has also been used internationally. In Samuel Colt’s renowned revolver and Winchester’s renowned rifle, the 45 Colt was a favorite of cowboys in the West and around the globe.

The 45 Long Colt is neither an obsolete or obsolete round. 45 Long Colt ammo has embraced and developed into a contemporary cartridge while retaining a portion of its heritage. Smith & Wesson’s night guard line of 45 Colt-chambered huge bore belly guns. S&W also manufactures the renowned Model 25, widely known as the renowned mountain rifle. Both S&W and Taurus manufacture 410/45 Colt revolvers, as well as the exquisite American Derringer variants.

The cartridge is manufactured in current defensive loads with hollow tip bullets by some of the world’s largest ammunition producers. Traditional loads for cowboy action shooting, such as lead round nose and wadcutter rounds, remain popular and are manufactured to almost the same specifications as they were a century ago.

Is the .45 Long Colt the Same as .45 ACP?

No. In truth, 45 LC and 45 Auto cartridges are significantly different. The.45 Long Colt was introduced in 1872 and is considered one of the iconic cartridges of the Wild West. The.45 ACP was introduced by Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1905, with the aid of famed designer John Browning. The.45 Long Colt is primarily designed for revolvers, while the.45 ACP is intended for semi-automatic pistols. Among other characteristics, the.45 Long Colt has a slightly wider neck diameter and a shorter case length. These are two separate rounds that cannot be interchanged. You may learn a great deal more about the distinctions between the 45 LC and 45 ACP in this post on our site.

Which Firearm is Best for the .45 Long Colt?

The.45 Long Colt was designed for revolvers, therefore it lacks many of the characteristics that make other cartridges suitable for semiautomatic firearms with a vertical magazine. It is also an excellent weapon for lever-action rifles, but it was not employed in rifles during its prime. This is because Colt refused to produce or even allow other manufacturers to produce guns for the cartridge.

45 Long Colt vs. 44 Mag

Both the 45 Long Colt and 44 Magnum have loyal and passionate fan bases in the shooting community – but which is better for you? Check out our 45 LC vs 44 Mag guide here to get an idea of which of these calibers is best for you.

Is the .45 Long Colt the Same as .45 Colt?

Yes. This cartridge has many distinct names, although the most common are and. 45 Long Colt, often known as “.45 Colt.” These are two different names for the same cartridge. The ammo is also known as “11.4333mmR,” however this designation is seldom used by the shooting community. It is also known as the “.45 LC.”

Can You Use the .45 Long Colt for Personal Protection?

Yes. The.45 Long Colt is clearly a good self-defense round, despite the cartridge’s reputation as a novelty round used mostly for target shooting and cowboy contests. Although it does not have the same popularity for self-defense as, example, the 9mm Luger or.357 Magnum, it is nevertheless a very effective cartridge for both target shooting and personal protection. If the cartridge will be used for personal defense, you should choose an expanding round, such as a jacketed hollow point or jacketed soft nose.

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