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44 SPECIAL Ammo For Sale – Buy 44 SPECIAL Ammo Online. Smith & Wesson designed the 44 Special in 1908, making it well over a century old. 44 Special ammunition was manufactured exclusively for the Smith & Wesson New Century Revolver. At this period, 44 and 45 caliber cartridges were regarded as the premier self-defense ammunition on the western frontier. The 44 Special cartridge was derived on the widely used Smith & Wesson 44 Russian. Still, the 44 Special maintained the famed accuracy of the 44 Russian, although with a longer cartridge and a potentially hotter load. 44 Special became a favorite among handloaders seeking to maximize the round’s capabilities. This finally resulted in the creation of the 44 Magnum round, which is incompatible with these 44 special rounds.

The 44 Special has had a revival in recent years. 44 Special, which is lauded for its hefty bullet and superb accuracy, also has a much reduced recoil, making it more fun to use for target practice and plinking than many comparable calibers. Additionally popular for concealed carry and self-defense is the 44 Special. The caliber revolvers are compact enough to be carried everyday, and their chambering is far more lethal than the typical snub nose revolver. Please feel free to peruse our selection of in-stock 44 special ammunition with the bullet types indicated below.

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