380 ACP Ammo for Sale – 380 AUTO Ammo For Sale In Stock

380 ACP Ammo for Sale – 380 AUTO Ammo For Sale In Stock. Below is a variety of in-stock 380 ACP ammunition. Choose full metal jacket ammunition for training, and hollow points for self-defense. Look for 380 ACP for sale with bullet weights in the range of 90 to 95 grains, with some specialized rounds much lighter or heavier. Federal, Speer Gold Dot, and Hornady are just a few of the well-known manufacturers whose ammunition we maintain in stock at low costs. .380 ACP ammunition is making a resurgence among handgun cartridges. The history of the caliber dates back to 1908, when Colt was searching for a cartridge that was a compromise between power and compactness for their tiny pocket automatic. The objective was to create a round that could operate as a blow back weapon while being somewhat potent. The 380 is often referred to as the 9mm Kurz or 9mm Short. In Europe, the 380 acp was immensely popular, while in America, 38 special revolvers and 45 acp pistols prevailed.

However, the 380 ACP has made a significant resurgence in recent years due to the proliferation of concealed carry. When combined with a jacketed hollow point bullet for self-defense, 380 ACP ammo has become the cartridge of choice for several pocket handguns. To retain the compact and lightweight features of these tiny semi-automatic handguns, 380 ammunition is often used.

380 ACP vs. 9mm

These are the two most popular pocket pistol calibers in the world but which is better for you and what are the differences? Check out our 380 ACP vs. 9mm guide to determine which is a better fit in your life for personal protection.

380 acp ammo

What Does “ACP” Stand For?

“ACP” is a designation for a variety of cartridges. This designation is given to cartridges produced by Colt’s Manufacturing Company, generally referred to as “Colt.” All of the cartridges, including the.25 ACP,.32 ACP, and.45 ACP, are manufactured exclusively for Colt weapons. Companies want their name on ammunition for marketing reasons, therefore while the.38 ACP was invented by the renowned designer John Browning, he was working for Colt at the time, so it was given the “ACP” suffix.

Are the .380 ACP and .38 Special Interchangeable?

There is a possibility that the.380 ACP might be used in a gun designed for the.38 Special cartridge, but we do not suggest it. These cartridges have somewhat differing bullet and neck diameters (the.38 Special is slightly broader), and the.38 Special is much longer overall, being almost half an inch longer. In addition, the.380 ACP is meant for handguns, but the.38 Special is often used in revolvers.

Why is the .380 ACP Less Common than Cartridges Like the .38 Special and 9mm Luger?

The .380 ACP is certainly not a exotic cartridge, but you are less likely to find it at the range than the .38 Special and 9mm Luger. There may be many reasons for this, but it really comes down to power. The .380 ACP rarely has muzzle energy over 215 foot-pounds unless it is “+P,” a high-pressure, cartridge. The .38 Special often exceeds 250 foot pounds, while the 9mm Luger is usually well above 300 foot-pounds.

Is the .380 ACP Reliable for Self Defense?

Yes. Despite its modest statistics, the.380 ACP is more than adequate to neutralizing a danger. In fact, many concealed-carry aficionados like the tiny, compact size of the.380 ACP, stating that it provides for easy, stealthy guns that nevertheless carry a sufficient number of rounds. Look for expanding bullets like jacketed hollow tips when selecting rounds for self-defense. You may see our 380 ACP gel test results below to get a sense of how each round performs in comparison to others under similar conditions.

Why is .380 ACP More Expensive, Despite a Smaller Size?

Comparing the.380 ACP to comparable cartridges like as the 9mm Luger or.38 Special, you will frequently discover that, while having a smaller profile, it is more costly or at least priced similarly to these rounds. Smaller rounds, which need less material, are often less expensive. However, since other rounds are frequently made in greater quantities, producers (and hence distributors) may charge less for the cartridge. Numerous military throughout the globe need 9×19 ammunition for duty, therefore a ton of it is manufactured each year. Comparable.380 ACP ammunition may cost up to $0.05 more per cartridge than, example, 9mm Luger ammunition.

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