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38 Super Auto Ammo For Sale – Buy 38 Super Auto Ammo Online. 38 Super ammunition, introduced in 1929, was the solution to a difficult situation. This was the height of criminals raiding banks and even National Guard armories during the dust bowl. The villains of the day embraced body armor with the same enthusiasm as a gun-toting citizen. At the time, criminals armed with body armor and light machine guns from national guard armories posed a significant danger to police and federal agents. The normal mode of operation for criminals was to strike hard and quickly before fleeing. Again, shots failed to pierce the vehicle’s exterior. The 38 Super was created because law enforcement need a bullet with more penetration than the normal 45 ACP.

38 Super was intended to perform in 1911s, requiring minimum extra training to comprehend the round. The 38 Super proved to be a superb penetrator and also punched through body armor and vehicles of the day, which was a welcome feat.38 Super ammo has become the most popular cartridge for target shooting competitions. It continues to be a favorite option among certain shooters because to its potency, greater capacity than 45 ACP in the 1911 chassis, and less recoil. Below is a list of our in-stock 38 super ammunition for sale.

What is the Difference Between a .38 Super Auto and a .38 Special?

Due to their similar names, these two cartridges are often mixed up. However, these are extremely diverse cartridges, each with unique characteristics and data. Despite their comparable size, the.38 Super was designed for semiautomatic guns, whilst the majority of.38 Special ammunition was designed for revolvers. Therefore, their interchangeability seldom results in optimal performance; it is typically not advised to use one in a firearm built for the other.

Are the .38 Super Auto and .38 Super the Same?

Yes. The .38 Super Auto has many different names, including .38 Super and .38 Super ACP. It is sometimes called the “Super .38,” but these are all names used to describe the same cartridge.

What Makes it so “Super?”

Everything boils down to speed. In the early 1900s, outlaws who wore body armor and hid behind automobile doors outgunned police authorities. Prior to the introduction of the.38 Super, police enforcement used cartridges like as the.45 ACP and.38 Special, which, although firing powerful bullets, lacked the velocity to pierce many obstacles. John Browning designed the.38 Super, which was quicker and more penetrative than any other cartridge available at the time. Unfortunately for the cartridge, the.357 Magnum appeared shortly afterwards and eclipsed the Super. Although it is not one of the most popular cartridges on the market today, it has a devoted following among a very narrow group…

What is the Most Popular Use for the .38 Super?

Competition shooting at targets. The.38 Super was developed to provide police enforcement additional strength against criminals, but it has since become a regular in elite-level shooting competitions. Beginning in the 1980s, the.38 Super has risen to the top of the competitive target range due to its speed and accuracy. It is popular for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it is a safe approach to achieve optimal pressures while adhering to the sport’s regulations.

What Types of Weapons are Preferred for the .38 Super?

This cartridge is designed for automatic 1911-style firearms. Due to its intended application for this firearm, it continues to be a popular cartridge for semiautomatic pistols. There are other firearms, like as revolvers, that fire 38 super, but they are uncommon.

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