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38 Special Ammo For Sale – 38 Special Ammo For Sale In Stock. 38 Special ammunition is a renowned cartridge and one of the longest-lasting rounds ever used in police duty. The cartridge has been in existence for almost 110 years! 38 Special as a caliber is derived from a variety of 38 Special cartridges, all of which finally converged on the SAAMI standard cartridge that we use today. Police personnel continued to carry Smith & Wesson K frame 38 specials into the 1980s. Long after their retirement from military duty, these six-shooters became icons of the lawman. With the proliferation of concealed carry, individuals who like the wheel gun cannot go wrong with a 38 special snub nose.

38 Special Ammo In Stock

The 38 spc has been around for so long that it has a vast range of ammunition, including oddballs such as wax and snake shot. There are 38 unique rounds available for target practice and self-defense. For training or plinking, most shooters choose full metal jacket bullets, while jacketed hollow point rounds with expanding bullets are superior for self-defense/protection. Major ammunition manufacturers are continually optimizing the 38 unique design to get the most out of it. Look for in-stock ammunition from reputable manufacturers like as Hornady, Winchester, and Federal.

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Here is a look at some of the more common questions our customer service team gets related to 38 Special. If you’re new to the caliber, some of these might be helpful as you start your ammo journey.

How Does the .38 Special Compare to the .38 S&W?

The.38 Special (whose full name is “.38 S&W Special”) is based on the older.38 S&W, but the two rounds are distinct and cannot be interchanged. Not only is the.38 S&W cartridge far older, going back to the 1870s, but its bullet, rim, and neck dimensions are all significantly greater. In terms of muzzle velocity, the.38 Special is typically quicker and more potent than other calibers. In addition, we continue to stock 38 S&W factory-loaded ammunition.

Can I shoot .38 Special +P in My 38 Special Handgun?

“+P” is a label given to several rounds to denote that the ammunition has been loaded to greater pressures than is typical for the cartridge. A.38 Special +P seems identical to a standard.38 Special, but it fires with increased velocity and power. (The.38 Special +P is often regarded a subset of the.38 Special and not a separate cartridge.) This also implies that the internal pressure is greater, therefore conventional loads may harm rifles not designed for +P ammunition. Always check that your rifle can withstand the additional power while firing.38 Special +P. (Hint: most older.38-caliber firearms cannot accommodate +P.)

What is the Difference Between the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum?

The.357 Magnum is almost identical to the.38 Special, but the case is longer to accommodate more propellant, so boosting the velocity and power once more. The.357 Magnum is bigger than the.38 Special, hence it will not fit in firearms designed specifically for the.38 Special; the greater pressure might cause damage. However, firearms designed for the.357 Magnum may accommodate the.38 Special. Before exchanging.38 Special,.38 Special +P, and.357 Magnum cartridges, one should always consult the manufacturer’s advice or a gunsmith. Click here for a comprehensive comparison of the 357 magnum and the 38 special.

Is the .38 Special Cartridge Only for Revolvers?

No. Although rare, the bullet is also used in semi-automatic pistols and carbines. However, the round is commonly associated with revolvers, so if you hear someone discussing target practice with .38 Special ammo, you can be all but positive they are using a revolver.

What Kind of .38 Special Bullets Should I Choose?

That depends on your intended use. If you are utilizing the.38 Special or.38 Special +P for self-defense, you will need a round that expands. This often refers to a hollow-point bullet, such as a JHP. Alternatively, you might choose a soft-nose bullet. Visit this page on our site to discover more about the finest 38 special ammunition for self-defense. Full-metal-jacket bullets are optimal for target practice because they cause less fouling in the barrel. You may also use lead bullets with a round tip, which are often less expensive but leave more residue in the barrel.

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