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357 sig Ammo For Sale – 357 sig ammo in Stock Today For Sale. Swiss guns maker Sig Sauer and the Federal Cartridge Corporation co-designed.357 Sig ammunition. The creators’ intention was to create a cartridge equal to the.357 Magnum and capable of shooting from semi-automatic firearms. The.357 Sig cartridge is developed from the necked-down and somewhat elongated.40 S&W case. This configuration makes.357 Sig ammo highly dependable when loading into semiautomatic guns.

Due to the length of the case neck,.355 caliber (9mm) bullets are normally shorter than regular 9mm bullets and were readily incorporated into the updated design. The majority of.357 Sig bullets are truncated cones, whether FMJ or hollow-point. Common.357 Sig projectile weights are 115 grains, 125 grains, and 147 grains. The larger rounds may achieve muzzle velocities more than 1200 feet per second from standard barrel lengths, while the lighter bullets can approach 1600 feet per second. The muzzle energies of the different loads vary from slightly under 500 to over 600 foot-pounds.

Numerous law enforcement organizations, including the Texas Highway Patrol, the US Secret Service, and the Federal Air Marshals, have adopted.357 Sig ammunition for duty and self-defense. Its weight and velocity make it a hard-hitting caliber, while its case proportions make it one of the most dependable handgun calibers available. Check out our in-stock 357 Sig ammunition for sale below, made by Federal, Sig Sauer, and others:

Is there a Difference Between .357 Sig and the .357 Magnum?

Yes. Despite sharing the designation “.357,” these two cartridges are separate and distinct from one another. .357 Sig ammunition differs from.357 Magnum ammunition in terms of bullet diameter, case diameter, and rim diameter. The most apparent difference is the.357 Sig’s thin neck, which is “necked-down,” meaning the case is broader at the front and narrows as it wraps around the bullet. Due to their distinctive design and varied dimensions, the.357 Sig and.357 Magnum are not interchangeable. Learn more about 357 sig and 357 mag calibers on this page.

What is the Purpose of the Narrow Neck?

The.357 Sig ammunition is distinguished by the presence of shoulders. The cartridge case is essentially broader in the rear and tapers to a shoulder and neck in the front. The.357 Sig was built on a larger cartridge with a smaller bullet chamber. With a larger cartridge, more propellant could be put behind the lighter projectile, producing better velocities without increasing the length of the cartridge. Due to its unusual design (most handgun ammunition is not necked), the.357 Sig remains an outlier in the guns business.

How Does .357 Sig Ammo Compare to the 9mm Luger?

The .357 Sig uses a bullet that is similar in diameter to the 9mm Luger. However, the 9mm Luger does not have the necking, and has a smaller case diameter. The increase in case diameter, and hence the amount of propellant, means the .357 Sig is generally faster and more powerful than the 9mm Luger.

How Does the .357 Sig Compare to the 10mm Auto?

At the base, the cartridges are comparable in size, but the.357 Sig is narrower and contains a bullet with a smaller diameter. Due to the shortened neck, the.357 Sig features a bullet with a narrower diameter and a less total weight. The.357 Sig has a little higher muzzle velocity, but the 10mm Auto, owing in large part to its larger bullet, produces more muzzle energy.

Can the .357 Sig Be Used for Self Defense?

Absolutely. .357 Sig ammunition is perfectly capable of providing effective self defense. With ballistics that make is comparable to many other popular rounds, the .357 Sig, however obscure, can be extremely effective when called upon. If purchasing this ammo for personal protection, select expanding rounds such as jacketed hollow points or soft points.

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